Native American demonstrators push back against oppressive questioning by reporters

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Indigenous demonstrators who led a protest and erected a teepee on Parliament Hill on Wednesday held a press conference this morning, in which they accused media of being disrespectful.

Sensational headline for the video clip aside, watch and listen how misunderstanding cultural ways of being and unconscious oppressive language can interrupt conversations.

(credit: Global News)


Why It’s So Hard For Whites To Understand Ferguson

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Robert P. Jones in The Atlantic states: “One reason for the racial divide over Michael Brown’s death is that white Americans tend to talk mostly to other white people.” He goes on to say: “The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri…has snapped the issue of race into national focus…causing many Americans to question just how far racial equality and race relations have come, even in an era of a black president and a black attorney general.” To read more, click here.

The Red Carpet Look

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On the website, RadioTimes, Sarah Millican, a comedian, said, “A funny thing happens when female celebrities hit the red carpet: The world tends to forget that they are actual human beings, with feelings and everything.”

She continues: “I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job. Putting clothes on is such a small part of my day. They may as well have been criticising me for brushing my teeth differently to them.” To read more, click here.




Stand-Up Comedy And Mental Illness

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David Haglund, a senior editor at Slate who runs Brow BeatSlate‘s culture blog, interviewed Maria Bamford and spoke about her ability as a stand-up comedienne to “engage with questions of mental health in a way that’s serious and thoughtful as well as really funny.” To read more, click here.

Welcome To The Age Of Denial

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The Truth Can Be Seen

The Truth Can Be Seen

In the “Opinion Pages” of The New York Times, Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester, points out that today it is politically effective, and socially acceptable, to deny scientific fact.

Frank states that though transparently unscientific, denying evolution has become a litmus test for some conservative politicians, even at the highest levels. He explains that Americans always expected their children to face a brighter economic future, and scientists expected their students to inherit a world where science was embraced by an ever-larger fraction of the population. To read more, click here.

Is “Jew In A Box” Exhibit Fostering Understanding Or Anti-Semitism?

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The Jewish Museum in Berlin is stirring up controversy with an exhibit called “The Whole Truth: Everything You Wanted to Know About Jews.” The element of the show getting the most attention is a cast of Jewish men and women who take turns sitting in a Plexiglas box, and answering visitors’ questions about Jewish life and culture. To read more, click here.

Derailing for Dummies

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This tongue-in-cheek guide for avoiding difficult conversations about racism, sexism and other isms offers approachable lessons on how people mistreat one another in casual conversations about some of the most important topics facing our society. The list of  “derailers,” which range from “You’re being hostile, ” to “But that happens to me too,” offers insight into the everyday toxic dynamics that keep progress around oppression and diversity in check. To read more, click here.

Nate Garvis: Change Our Culture, Change Our World

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In this TED Talk, Nate Garvins discusses new “tools” that we can use to change culture. The talk has profound implications for social justice work.

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