Sexism And Consumerism: A Warning To Parents

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Laura Finley, Ph.D., writing online in The Gilmore Mirror, warns parents of the sexism and negative stereotyping that infects the marketing items such as t-shirts and board games for children. Finley points out that this irresponsible corporate activity should be brought to the attention of stores carrying the  items. Children should also be made aware of the offensive content, which will give them teachable moments that might resonate for a lifetime. To read more, click here.


New SRCD Report Examines Effect of Poverty On Children

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The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) reports that poverty is a major risk factor for children’s development and is linked to many problems that persist into adulthood.  Poverty also contributes to a growing health and academic achievement gap, declining college attendance and graduation rates, and an increasing workforce skills gap. To read more, click here.

“Where Children Sleep,” A New Book on Poverty and Class

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Dong, 9, shares a room with his sister and parents in Yunnan Provice, China.

James Mollison’s new book shows children’s bedrooms from across the globe and paints an intriguing mosaic of wealth, poverty, and class. Some of the photographs in the book can be seen at the The New York Times website. Click here for more.

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