“Geography Of Hate” Maps Racist and Homophobic Tweets

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ht_hate_homophobia_tweet_map_tk_130514_wg-1As reported by ABC News, a new Twitter study by assistant professor Monica Stephens and Humboldt State University measured racist and homophobic tweets in the United States. The result is the “Geography of Hate” shown above. To read more, click here.

Prince Harry Defends Gay Soldier From Attack

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To one gay soldier, Prince Harry lived up to his duty to protect those in need. A former fellow infantryman is praising the royal for reportedly saving him after six soldiers supposedly threatened to assault him due to his sexuality while their squad was stationed in Canada back in 2008. To read more about the incident, including an excerpt from Lance Corporal James Wharton memoir, Out in the Army, click here.

A Closet By Another Name

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Daniel Mendelsohn, writes about the “coming out” of Anderson Cooper, CNN reporter and talk show host. In a New York Times op-ed piece, Mehdelsohn criticizes Cooper for not sooner speaking up about being a gay man:

You can’t claim to be comfortable with being gay while trying to keep it a secret: When you conceal your sexuality, you’re buying, however unconsciously or reluctantly, into the notion that there is, at some level, something wrong with it.

To read the full article, click here.

Boycotting a Cookie

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The makers of Oreos posted on their Facebook page a special cookie in honor of gay pride. Some commenters have gone so far as to proclaim that eating Oreos is now a sin. Click here to read the comments on BuzzFeed

A Rage Cartoon, “Adam and Eve,” From Beyond Diversity

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Homophobia Linked to Denial of Same-Sex Attraction

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According to studies published the April issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people who repress their own sexual attraction to persons of the same sex are more likely to express hostility toward LGBTQ people. To read the CBS News article, click here.

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