Stand-Up Comedy And Mental Illness

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David Haglund, a senior editor at Slate who runs Brow BeatSlate‘s culture blog, interviewed Maria Bamford and spoke about her ability as a stand-up comedienne to “engage with questions of mental health in a way that’s serious and thoughtful as well as really funny.” To read more, click here.

“I don’t mind if you’re crazy, as long as you act sane in public.”

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From the blog, “This Ain’t Livin’,” the author, s.e. smith, raises an important issue: How should we treat people who display outward signs of mental illness?  According to the author, the right response is straightforward:

Acknowledge it. Admit that it is happening and you see it. Let the person know that you are there and willing to help.

To read more, including the author’s discussion of how people responded to her own mental illness, click here.

Joshua Walters: On Being Just Crazy Enough

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People With Mental Illness Are More Often Crime Victims

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Comparing national criminal-justice figures with those for an urban sample of mentally ill persons shows that they are more likely to be victims of violent crime than is the general population. More than one-fourth of persons with severe mental illness are victims of violent crime in the course of a year, a rate 11 times higher than that of the general population, according to a study by researchers at Northwestern University. When most people associate crime and mental illness, they usually think of people with mental illness as perpetrators, not victims. Yet previous research shows that only discharged psychiatric patients who also abuse substances commit violent acts at rates greater than their neighbors. To read more, click here.

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