Have a look at the blog, Disability Right Now. It puts into sharp relief how the larger society overlooks people with disabilities and fails to understand how people with disabilities should be treated. Here’s an excerpt from a post entitled, “The Image of God: A Few Thoughts on Disability & Faith”:

(Religious Narratives) also form the basis of how we understand disability in American society. They have created a culture of top-down charity, denying disabled people our agency. Most financial resources are put into researching a cure rather than improving our daily lives. The public discourse about us revolves solely around suffering; we are not seen as multi-dimensional people who experience pain, pleasure, joy, and sadness along with everyone else. And we are a source of terror; it is easier to pretend we are invisible because the reality of our experience (or what people think is our experience) is seen as worse than death by many non-disabled people. Non-disabled people often live in fear of turning out like us, or having children who might be like us, or even having to interact with us in all of our stimming, spazzing weirdness.

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