The Astonishing Sexism of Hollywood and What it Means for Girls

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In this article, Rachel Simmons talks about a stunning piece in The New Yorker on the film industry’s portrayal of women. Here is an excerpt:

To make a woman adorable, one successful female screenwriter says, “You have to defeat her at the beginning. It’s a conscious thing I do – abuse and break her, strip her of her dignity, and then she gets to live out our fantasies and have fun. It’s as simple as making the girl cry, fifteen minutes into the movie. Relatability is based upon vulnerability, which creates likability.”

The consequences of this and similar depictions has a devastating impact on women and girls. To read more, click here.

The United States of Inequality

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Timothy Noah’s series on why the wealth gap has grown so dramatically points out that the usual suspects: race and gender are responsible for non of the wealth gap haunting the U.S.  But what factors are responsible, and why should you care?  The article from Slate Magazine gives intriguing answers. Click here to read more.

Neuberger Museum of Art: Women’s Contributions to Deconstructivism

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The Neuberger Musem of Art in Purchase, New York is the first to show a survey of women’s contributions to deconstructivism, an art form that disassembles and recontextualizes materials to show the potentially harmful messages. To read more in the New York Times article, click here.

Equals?: James Bond Supports International Women’s Day

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Read more about the effort for equality for women at weareequals.og.

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